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Our Story

Over 32 Years Of Growing Local, Nutrient-Rich Fruit

Gem Orchards is a family owned and operated orchard located in the Heart of the Emmett Valley about 20 minutes North of Boise, Idaho. Growing up in Central Washington on an Apple and Pear Orchard I learned first hand the “HOW” of growing and raising fruit on my family’s 8-acre Orchard. After 4 years at Central Washington University I graduated with a B.S. Degree in Horticulture where I learned the “WHY” of managing fruit production. Moving to Idaho in 1997, I planted my first orchard in Weiser. In 2015, after moving to Emmett, Idaho, I bought a 2.5-acre cherry orchard partnering with the 85 years of experience of the Benson Orchard Legacy Orchard and we have been expanding ever since. 

With more than 32 acres of new trees coming into production, we raise the sweetest, best tasting fruit available in a minimal spray, integrated pest management plan, using regenerative and conservation minded practices in all we do. Whether it’s any of our 9 Varieties of Cherries, 19 varieties of Peaches, 5 Varieties of Nectarines, 3 varieties of Apricots or just good ol’ Thornless Blackberries and Raspberries we have the fruit, jam, juice, and other products that will tantalize your taste buds and have you wondering why you ever bought half-ripe fruit anywhere else.  


An Activity For The Whole Family!

Gem Orchards is a “Pedestrian” orchard, meaning all of our trees are designed to be picked from the ground or on short stools that we provide. Gem Orchards specifically focuses on families and friends being able to access the best tree ripened fruit available anywhere. Starting in Mid June and through October we provide a safe, fun experience for everyone that gets parents, kids, and friends together and “unplugged” from today’s fast paced world. Not only will you have a great time picking fruit, but other products and the service you receive will be second to none.. Hope to see you soon!



Starting in Early to Mid June, we offer tree-ripened Cherries from the Classic Bing, which is well known, or the Giant Black Lapin Cherry. You will not be disappointed with the new Santina and Black Pearl Cherries from new plantings, Monmormancy Pie Cherries, or Sweet Yellow Rainier cherries.

Peaches & Nectarines

Starting around the Fourth of July, Gem Orchards has 19 of the best peach varieties available anywhere. We have tree-ripened Peaches that will have juice running off your elbow, with a new variety available every 10 to 12 days through September and new varieties coming yearly. You will not be disappointed if it is the Classic Elberta, Red Haven, Hale, O’Henry, the new Flaming Fury, Bounty, Sweet Dream, or White Galaxy Donut Peach. We also have five varieties of Nectarines that will be produced in 2023, so stay tuned for more fruit every year.


Starting in late June, our Apricots will start production, weather permitting. Whether you like the small drying Tilton, Moorpark, or the larger Robada and Tomcot we have the Apricot for you.


Starting in Mid to Late July, our Giant Thornless Blackberries and Spring bearing Raspberries will be a sweet easy-to-pick adventure for friends and family. These yummy varieties are easy to pick and have no thorns to fight with on our 1-acre berry patch.

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